The objective of this document is to present available pharmaceutical and health technology information of the country of Peru. The following is a summary of the methodology and results.


Pre-defined indicators were initially organized by the research team into 13 domains. Data for each of these indicators was gathered in two ways: (i) the Pan American Health Organization submitted data from the Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies (PRAIS). Some of the information in PRAIS is provided by governments to PAHO directly without being published in other publication. (ii) The research team searched publically available primary and secondary data sources to obtain information on each of the pre-defined indicators. Key primary data sources included Peru’s Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud) and National Medicine Regulatory Authority (Dirección General de Medicamentos Insumos y Drogas) websites. The World Bank website was a key secondary data source. Search methodology was completed solely on the internet using English and Spanish language search terms on Google. The PAHO’s pharmaceutical profile developed jointly with Peru’s Ministry of Health was used as a reference tool to locate the most current data. It also served as a translation tool to locate data on the indicator in Spanish.


Gaps in information included: selection of medicines, its distribution, procurement, and reimbursement, medicine consumption, as well as the country’s pharmaceutical expenditure, medical equipment, radiology, and blood services. For some of these domains, primary and secondary sources about the topic related to the indicator were available, but no data were reported in these sources.

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